Media Release: Advantage Wollongong Commissions Study On Knowledge Services Sector In Wollongong



Media Release: Advantage Wollongong Commissions Study On Knowledge Services Sector In Wollongong

30 August 2018

Advantage Wollongong has commissioned a study to assess the capability of the Knowledge Services sector in Wollongong. 

Wollongong has a strong footprint in key sectors including Shared Services, ICT, Superannuation, Finance and Business Services, employing around 6,000 across 85 locations.  This study will focus on capturing the make-up of Wollongong-based Knowledge Services businesses and quantify the benefits of doing business in Wollongong, as compared to other locations such as Sydney. 

‘The results of this study will further market the case for Wollongong as an attractive location for Knowledge Services operations’ said Mark Grimson, Economic Development Manager at Wollongong City Council.

‘We know first-hand the advantages of being based in Wollongong, and our next steps are to quantify this so that we can showcase these benefits to businesses and investors outside the region’.

Typically Wollongong based organisations in this sector have lower staff turnover, lower recruitment and training costs compared with other typical metro locations. 

‘We encourage all of our local Knowledge Services businesses to participate in the study and become part of the ongoing promotion of our capabilities in this sector’.

A survey has been sent to all local Knowledge Services businesses in Wollongong, with all responses remaining confidential. If you are interested in participating and have not received any information about the study, please contact Mark Grimson on 4227 7111.   

About Advantage Wollongong

Advantage Wollongong is a partnership between the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Wollongong City Council and the University of Wollongong. Serious about attracting new business to the city, the Advantage Wollongong partners work together to promote Wollongong and assist interested businesses and investors. 


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