Why did two former Atlassian employees choose Wollongong?



Resident spotlight: The Art of Perseverance – Arijea

iAccelerate resident company Arijea is the brainchild of two former Silicon Valley employees. Hear founders Nick Muldoon and Dave Elkan discuss their ambitions for the business; what success looks like to them and why they choose Wollongong as the place to achieve this.

Celebrating iAccelerate’s massive achievements.

2016 was a massive year for iAccelerate, the University of Wollongong’s business incubator program. The highlight of the year was the official opening of the new $16.5M iAccelerate building, which will set the stage for future growth.

During the year, iAccelerate companies also hit some major milestones, including:

  • More than 1.2 million customers;
  • Generation of $5.4 million in revenue (since 1.4.2016), $1.6M in equity capital raised (since 1.4.2016), $970,000 in successful grants (since 1.4.2016); 
  • 57 products launched since inception (from 2012) and 74 additional products under development (NPD); 
  • 19 successful applications for registration of Intellectual Property from 22 applications (86% success rate); and 
  • The creation of 213 jobs since inception, including 84 full time staff, 73 part time staff, and 56 other jobs (interns, volunteers, students).
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