Wollongong is becoming a growing ICT centre, with the University of Wollongong’s research strength and access to highly educated and skilled labour helping to drive this growth.

The University of Wollongong is home to one of the biggest university-based ICT research facilities within Australia, the ICT Research Institute, which has a strong track record in forming close partnerships within the industry and commercialisation. UOW's unique competencies in this space has seen Wollongong successfully attract centres of excellence for multinational companies such as NEC,  GBST and tickets.com.

UOW graduates have also established ICT businesses which have achieved global success. Local success stories include Oasis Asset Management, which is now part of the UK owned GBST Group, and Selera Labs which was acquired by PwC. Other local success stories include Accelo, iTree, Plaut IT, Evanscorp and Internetrix.