Knowledge Services span some of the fastest growing sectors of the economy with a focus on providing support services to large, multi-location businesses. Intensive users of technology and skilled people, these business functions cover an array of support functions including back office activities in finance, accounting, HR, administration operations, call centres, IT and tech support desks.

Wollongong has a strong footprint in key sectors including Shared Services, IT and Financial Services. With over 75 locations employing 5,200 in this sector, Wollongong also boasts some of the lowest staff turnover rates within Australia with most reporting an average rate below 5%. This translates into significant advantages for companies in the region due to the cost savings and knowledge benefits a high staff retention rate can provide.

Companies in this expanding sector also tap into Wollongong’s stable, skilled, multilingual workforce; competitive business costs and modern business infrastructure.

Shared Services

Wollongong has a vibrant Shared Services industry with operations spanning a broad range of activities from outbound telemarketing operation...


Wollongong is becoming a growing ICT centre, with the University of Wollongong’s research strength and access to highly educated and skilled...