City Centre

The Wollongong City Centre is the employment hub of the region, providing employment for over 20,000 people and home to over 3,000 businesses. It is the region's business and administrative centre with the majority of knowledge service businesses in ICT, financial services and shared services choosing the city centre as their base. 

The city centre is undergoing a significant economic transformation. Over the past 4 years, the city centre has seen over $1.3 billion worth of investment in major development projects completed or currently underway, with a further $300 million in the pipeline.

Major highlights recently completed include:

  • $200 million upgrade to Wollongong Central by GPT, including an additional 18,000m2 of specialty stores, a new supermarket, department store and 650 car spaces, and a further $93 million scheduled for 2017.
  • $134 million expansion of the Wollongong Public Hospital.
  • $120 million new private hospital on Crown Street, operated by Ramsey Health Care.

Adding to the revitalisation is the growth of the cafe and small bar culture with over 65 new establishments in the city centre over the past 3 years.