The past decade has seen multi-location businesses aggregate support functions into dedicated Shared Service operations. Wollongong has a vibrant Shared Services industry with 32 operations employing some 1,600 staff. These facilities range from large operations with hundreds of seats down to small centres with less than five seats. Shared Services operations in Wollongong span a broad range of activities from outbound telemarketing operations to highly skilled inbound technology support desks that provide global services 24/7 from Wollongong. There is a mix of Shared Services models present in Wollongong from captive operations that service internal company needs, contract BPO facilities such as Stellar and multifunction centres that undertake multiple activities at the one site.

Wollongong’s Shared Services operations can be found across a wide spectrum of industry sectors including financial and insurance services, funds administration, ICT and government. Companies that operate Shared Services operations in Wollongong include; Stellar, Peoplecare, QBE Insurance, NRMA, CGU, Pillar Administration, ANZ OnePath, Illawarra Mutual Building Society, Illawarra Credit Union, NSW State Emergency Services, Department of Human Services, Edmen Group, INS Health Care, Accor, Shortlead, Park Trent Properties, Australian Debt Recovery, University of Wollongong – Client Services, ATO, Illawarra Regional Information Service and Wollongong City Council.

Low staff turnover

Shared Services operations in Wollongong experience some of the lowest staff turnover rates within Australia with most reporting an average rate below five percent. This low average staff turnover rate translates into significant savings for companies in Wollongong in staff recruitment and training costs. They also benefit from improved retention of important corporate knowledge due to lower than average staff turnover rates.

Auscontact Association - Illawarra chapter

The Auscontact Association has been active in Wollongong for over 12 years, bringing together managers and leaders from the Shared Services industry and related support services. Within this professional community, the Auscontact Association and its members drive best practice thought and leadership. The network shares ideas and experiences relating to recruitment, people management and professional development, training and reporting. Regular networking events are held in Wollongong which showcases a local Shared Service operation and features a guest speaker on a key industry issue.

Wollongong is Shared Services Brochure

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