Companies are establishing centres of excellence in a range of ICT disciplines to drive competitive advantage in an increasingly globalised marketplace. These centres are usually closely aligned to specialised research infrastructure linked to universities and pools of highly educated and skilled labour. The University of Wollongong’s unique competencies in research areas such as ICT has seen Wollongong successfully attract centres of excellence for multinational companies such as NEC, CSC, Telecommunications Systems Inc, Bond International, GBST, Pactera and UOW has one of the biggest university-based ICT research facilities in Australia and also one of the largest ICT undergraduate teaching programs.

UOW graduates have also established ICT businesses which have achieved global success. These local success stories include Oasis Asset Management which was sold to ING and InfoComp which is now part of the UK owned GBST Group. Other local success stories include iTree, Plaut IT, Evanscorp, Selera, Internetrix and Affinity Live.

Low staff turnover

ICT operations in Wollongong experience some of the lowest staff turnover rates within Australia. Most report an average rate below five percent. This low average staff turnover rate translates into significant savings for companies operating in Wollongong in terms of staff recruitment and training costs. They also benefit from improved retention of important corporate knowledge due to lower than average staff turnover rates.

ICT Research Institute

The University of Wollongong ICT Research Institute provides in-depth expertise in the fields of communications technology, multimedia processing, signal processing, data mining, immersive multimedia, and information security to our government and industrial partners. The Institute has a sustained and enviable track record in delivering research outcomes of high impact through formation of close partnerships with the industry sector and has strong research collaborations with leading national and international universities. In addition, the ICT Research Institute has access to suitable expertise and support for identification, protection and commercialisation of the Intellectual Property developed by research staff and students. Recent commercialisation efforts by the Research Institute include formation of three spin off companies that have successfully launched leading edge products in the area of multimedia processing and communication.

The ICT Research Institute is headed up by Professor Farzad Safaei and has three dedicated research themes:

- Communication and Wireless Technology
- Computer and Information Security
- Multimedia and Information Processing 

For more information about the ICT Research Institute, please visit:

ICT Illawarra

The ICT sector in the region is predominantly comprised of small businesses. A cluster is an ideal way for these businesses to work together without reducing their independence, entrepreneurial spirit or individual competitiveness. ICT Illawarra (ICTI) has been formed to assist with the ongoing growth and competitiveness of the region’s ICT industry, recognising the potential for the IT sector in the region, based on the success of local companies already performing on the international stage and major international organisations using this region as a base of operations.

UOW, Wollongong City Council and the State Government through NSW DI provide support for ICTI. They see the cluster playing a key strategic role in helping to attract business, develop and expand the local economy into one increasingly driven by knowledge based industries. ICTI has strong links with UOW’s Faculty of Informatics through student development, research and commercialisation projects. ICTI holds regular networking functions and business development workshops on key IT related issues that impact on all businesses.


Sibylle Seidler
ICT Illawarra Facilitator
Ph: 02 4221 8145

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