Wollongong provides considerable advantages for businesses located in the area.

Competitive costs

With competitive rents and wages compared to Sydney and higher than average retention rates, Wollongong provides an attractive cost structure in which to operate. Businesses can also enjoy the productivity gains from staff who work closer to home, allowing them more time to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Industry base

A key strength is the size and diversity of the economy with a number of national and multi-national companies already part of the business landscape. Supporting these businesses are a range of professional services including legal, financial, accounting, human resources, marketing and IT companies.

Workforce skills

Wollongong has a large, experienced, multilingual workforce with skills ranging from traditional manufacturing expertise to high technology and knowledge-based capabilities. 

Around 20,000 Wollongong residents commute to Sydney each day for work, providing an attractive pool of potential employees for any business operating in the city.